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Our staff has been involved in the valuation of most types of industrial, commercial and investment property.

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Industrial properties ranging from small condominium units to 100,000 square foot warehouses and heavy industrial facilities have been valued for purposes such as mortgage financing and new construction loans, power of sale proceedings, and taxation and estate planning.

Our familiarity with current building standards, industry requirements, and environmental awareness allow us to provide valuable reports to lenders, purchasers, and, users of industrial space.

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Office & Commercial


A wide range of office and commercial properties have been valued by our staff, including small stores and professional offices, newer freestanding retail buildings that are primarily owner occupied, and large multi-tenant office towers and retail plazas.

Experience with the commercial and office rental markets, as well as the investment qualities of the properties involved are essential to providing an accurate estimate of the value of any commercial or office property. 

We track trends in these market areas not just in local market areas, but over the entire Greater Toronto Area, as investment capital is highly mobile and property values in these sectors are more directly affected by macro economic factors and trends.

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Land & Rural Properties


We have experience appraising all types of land from single building lots and individual development sites that are zoned and ready for construction, to large agricultural holdings and development parcels requiring intensive planning and servicing work.

Single residential building lots have been appraised on their own for new construction, or en masse as part of the pricing- out of new subdivisions for developers or their banks.

Larger parcels have been appraised as raw land, operating farms, and as completed projects using direct comparison analysis and various land residual techniques.

Evaluation and understanding of a site’s various locational, planning, zoning, and servicing characteristics, as well as knowledge of development charges, and other requirements help us to provide accurate valuations of land in every stage of development.

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